Rewards Programs (Take Advantage)

Happy Saturday! I’ve been productive this morning by taking care of some grooming issues (like banning those evil facial hairs who seem to have a mind of their own), and organizing my treasure trove of miscellaneous beauty items. I stumbled upon one of the many Sephora Beauty Insider gifts that I have stockpiled, including the Caviar Anti-Aging Hair Care products. 

I haven’t used it yet. I have good intentions of using these products, since I love anything that says “Anti-Aging” and the fact that the shampoo and conditioner boast of being free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic color. The trial sized kit also comes with a heat protectant spray (of which I won’t use, as I wear locs, and don’t blow dry), and a leave-in conditioner. 

Since I’ve been a member of Sephora’s rewards program (and several others), I have been hoarding points and turning them in for some cool beauty products. I’ve even become a fan of some companies (Fresh) after trying out the trial sizes that I earned through spending my cash. 

I just love getting something back for patronizing a business. If you’re a beauty budget babe (or dude), and you haven’t utilized rewards programs, what’s stopping you? 

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So You Want Good Skin?

My “tip for the day” is a message that I post on my Makeup Artistry by Tiffany page on Facebook. Today’s brief tip was about how makeup is not the enemy in terms of clear skin. The problem that I see with most people is that they are not cleaning their skin before going to bed. People blame the cosmetics for breakouts (and in some instances, with sensitive skin, the products ARE to blame), but they don’t realize that sleeping in makeup is really the cause. Speaking of sleep, if you aren’t getting a well rested night of sleep on a regular basis, your skin will tell on you!Purple Makeup Prince Shirt

Developing good habits over time will decrease skin problems. Aside from removing makeup properly, one must also keep their cosmetic tools clean too. Using dirty sponges and brushes on clean skin is like washing dishes in dirty water. Sounds gross? Well, it is gross to use dirty tools on your skin, especially if you are sharing those products or using them on other people. Transferring bacteria from your skin to your tools and products is dangerous will send you running to the dermatologist or even an emergency room.

Eating healthfully will do wonders for your skin. You can buy all the luxurious products being marketed to help your skin, but if you’re not investing in a better diet, your money will be spent in vain. I am not a nutrition expert, but I do know from consulting with doctors and skin care experts that people MUST eat fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins in order to provide their skin with the proper nutrients. Swapping out sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol for water will help keep your skin looking fresh too.

Lastly, managing stress in your life will help you keep your skin looking great. Eliminating relationships with people who get on your nerves, getting yourself organized at work and home, and using exercise as a well to combat stress are all ways to keep skin issues to a minimum. You can’t be your best, inside and out, if you can’t manage your life in a way that is not stressful.  Learning how to let go and only deal with the issues you can handle is hard for most of us to do, but it must happen. When my skin is looking dull, and I see darkness under my eye area, I know it means I need to reassess what’s going on in my life and start making changes.  Make sure to take better care of yourself. Your skin will thank you.

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Put a Stamp on Your Work

Natalie's Watermark

My friend from college is dealing with someone stealing her online pictures and using Made up with MAC Skinfinishthem. This is appalling on many levels.  As a makeup artist and educator, I’ve seen and heard about these internet, bootleg, wannabe makeup artist THIEVES misrepresenting themselves to attract clients. These people have no integrity and think it’s okay to post stolen pictures of work they did not do. Their covers are blown when the clients show up to receive professional makeovers but wind up looking like a science experiment gone wrong. Imitation is supposedly the most sincerest form of flattery, but flat-out stealing someone’s work and passing off as your own is despicable.

Put a stamp on your work by using a watermark, a trademark or copyright symbol, or even a signature to help keep people from misrepresenting your work. Nothing is foolproof but it’s best to mark your pictures in some shape, form, or fashion. When one has spent Suspiria and Across The Universe Nailscountless hours learning the art of makeup application and has dedicated their time to the craft, it is frustrating for someone to come along and claim what is not rightfully theirs.

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TiffanyPurple Makeup Prince Shirt

Beauty Influencers

Please know and understand that there is a HUGE difference between someone reviewing a product and sharing their opinion versus someone who is being PAID to say nice things about a product. I am specifically referring to beauty influencers on social media who purport to be makeup artists but are really just getting paid to apply makeup from cosmetic brands. I’m totally okay with actors being paid to showcase products, but I think it’s dishonest to pretend that one would sell their first-born child to own (insert cosmetic item here) because it works SO well, when that person has been hired to tout said product.

Pay attention when someone on IG or YT says they are just reviewing a product for the hell of it, because they may be receiving compensation to make those claims. I won’t even go into the legal ramifications that could come into play. Obviously, people buy many cosmetic products based on reviews, but just know that some of your favorite social media beauty influencers are working for a brand, and they need to make that brand sound good enough for you to spend your hard-earned bucks.

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What Is Beauty?

Purple Makeup Prince Shirt

When I discuss beauty on my blog, I am usually talking about some sort of cosmetic/health related topic that we can connect with what make makes us look or feel beautiful.  Physical beauty is only skin deep and is only one facet of a person’s makeup (no pun intended).  Surely, most people want to enhance their natural beauty or at the very least, maintain and preserve their looks. So we spend money on products that promise to make us “better” in some way. We follow trends (some of them harmful), watch YT and IG “influencers” (folks on social media who are paid to promote cosmetic brands), and practice the latest diet fads that promote miraculous feats (“make your cellulite disappear”). People spend hours discussing and practicing how to create the perfect smokey eye, cut crease, contour, and highlight, as if somehow mastering these techniques will elevate them to “beauty.”  We pick, poke, and prod at our skin and our friends and those we cannot stand, trying to discover what’s “wrong” with their “beauty” as if they needed fixing in the first place.

What’s wrong? Everyone has their own definition of “beauty” yet people spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting others personal standards of beauty instead of critiquing themselves.  Simply put: worry about yourself.  Take care of YOUR skin and YOUR body. Buy and use products that YOU like. Strive to be a better human being because THAT is beautiful. Being happy in your own skin is beautiful. Having love in your life and in your heart is beautiful. Appreciating every day that you are here and not dead is beautiful. Having a job you hate that still pays your bills is beautiful. When you laugh from deep within and your face shows your happiness, you are beautiful.  I challenge you to define what beauty means for YOU and rock with that in YOUR life.

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Facial Mask Sheets Work. That is All.

It’s been a real drag around these parts. I still miss my boy Prince, and I’ve been playing his music non-stop since he died. Since I haven’t been feeling all that fabulous, I decided to finally try out the Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Facial Mask Sheets that I ordered weeks ago via Amazon.  My skin is dry and because I’d been a little neglectful in recent weeks, I knew I needed to get back on track with using a moisturizer for my face and neck.  Dermal Mask IMG_6374

The facial mask sheets from Korea are really popular right now, and extremely easy to use (as well as economical).  My sheets contained aloe, and after figuring out how to accurately spread the almost sopping wet mask over my face (yes, this mask is literally a sheet that contains the serum), I put the timer on 20 minutes and waited to see how my skin would feel later. Well, here’s what I discovered:

  1. The mask felt really cool on my skin and had a pleasant smell that wasn’t overpowering.
  2. Smoothing out the mask so that it fit around my nose, mouth, eyes, hairline, and jawbone was a little difficult. The mask is really thin, and I was afraid that it would tear but it was surprisingly sturdy.
  3. You should shut the bathroom door or warn anyone before they see you. I looked like I was wearing the mask of Michael Myers.
  4. After 20 minutes, I thought the mask would have dried out but instead, it was still wet. I guess I thought it would have hardened at some point.
  5. My skin felt SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!! My skin felt like a newborn baby. My skin felt like silk. My skin felt like it should have had its own theme song! Did I say how hydrated my skin felt? The “used” mask still contained serum, which I applied to my neck (never neglect the neck).

So for under $10, I got a hydrating facial and I still have 9 masks left (there were ten in my order). I noticed that there were several formulas from the brand, including Green Tea, Cucumber, and Vitamin. This is my new at-home beauty fix!

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Prince (June 7, 1958-April 22, 2016)

There are no words that can adequately express how hard I’m grieving over the death of musical icon Prince. The impact of his music, grace, and humility will affect me until the day the ancestors call me home.

My Daddy introduced me to the music of Prince in 1975 after receiving a promotional album. Years later I finally understood what “Soft & Wet” meant and had a good laugh. Prince’s music was mystical, raunchy, religious, funky, and full of a combination of rock, r&b, jazz, and so much more. His music was undefinable. It was always original. No one will ever match what he did for music.

Prince was a quiet humanitarian who gave to those in need. He was a proud African-American man who stood up for others in an industry that doesn’t always have the best intentions concerning artists. He fought and won, not just for himself, but for other musicians who were being mistreated by their record labels. I will miss going to his electrifying shows. I won’t miss the music though, as it is eternal, and it lives. Forever.

Rest in peace to a true musical genius who transcended every single barrier to become one of the most iconic men who ever graced the planet.

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