It’s A New Day?

After reading so many heinous posts about killing the President, I am just wondering: is it really a “new” day?  Racism is still alive and running rampant through our neighborhoods, boardrooms, coatrooms, and chat rooms. How can ANYONE justify saying things like, “Should Obama be killed?”  There is really something wrong with the morals of society today, if people accept these behaviors as “freedom of speech.” Guess what? All speech is not free. Time and time again, folks have become incarcerated for making death threats to political leaders. Why are these same types of people allowed to blatantly make their intentions known, yet are not prosecuted?  That is so unacceptable.

I was not a Bush supporter but I never threatened to kill him. My dislike for Bush and his cabinet was because I did not support nor did I agree with some of their policies, and I did not respect the way Bush handled the education reforms (No Child Left Behind is faulty at the very least), Hurricane Katrina victims, and a host of other things. But I am willing to bet that had I graced cyberspace, the newspapers, television, or political rallies and made statements about killing the President, I would be writing this letter from the penitentiary.


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