Less is More: Skincare tips

Through trial and error I have come to realize that sometimes we just do TOO much because there are TOO many options on the market for skin care.  Over the past couple of years, I started getting skin irritations, breakouts, and just overall blotchy skin. I tried old school home remedies (i.e. steaming my face over the sink with a towel over my head) but nothing was working. For the past two months, I have been washing my face with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, then moisturizing with Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Rengeration Creme. My face and neck are smooth, pimple free, and my skin tone is more even. It never dawned on me to scale back on the expensive cleansers, the home made treatments, and such. I see those Olay commercials that television sponsors LOOP on daytime television, but I never thought to try them out! Less is more. I will say it again, less is more. I use two products, one costs $3.29 at Target, and the other, about $18.99—-SO worth the money. I’m not stressed out about my skin for the first time in a while. Now if you have acne  or any other skin issues, these tips may not work for you. Everyone has to do what is right for their skin. As a long time sufferer of eczema, my skin is exceptionally dry, and the Olay helps tremendously. I also have dry patches of skin, and using the St. Ives scrub helps get rid of them, without stripping my skin.

The best skincare tips are these: drink plenty of water daily, eat healthy foods, exercise, don’t smoke, and watch the alcohol intake!  Good luck!

olay regeneristSt.Ives


Primer + Paint= Flawless Face

People frequently ask me the following question:  how can I get my makeup to go on smoothly and last all day?  I answer with the question: Would you paint the walls in your home without using a primer first? I see the light of recognition in their eyes at that point. Makeup application is really similar to painting walls. You have to use a good primer to give your makeup something to “hold onto” and that means taking the time out to find the primer that works for you. I have tried several brands but hands down, my favorite so far is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It’s great for all types of skin (oily, dry, combo) and is very lightweight.  Primer (any brand, I just prefer Smashbox) will give you the “look” of smooth, silky, youthful skin. No matter what brand of foundation you choose, a good primer makes all the difference (along with good blending techniques) and you will look so much better!

Smashbox Face Primer

Kids Killing Kids

I’ve been reading about the heartbreaking murder/funeral of slain Chicago high school student Derrion Albert. I used to teach at his school (Fenger) and I remembered the fights, gang activity, etc. but it was never this bad. What has happened to our youth who participate in mob action and actively kill their peers? What has happened to the value of human life? The answers are not so simple either, believe me, I’ve been doing some heavy thinking about this recent death. Jail time for the perpetrators doesn’t solve the larger problems. How did these young people get to a point in life where they have no mercy, no remorse, no feelings of shame……They are not remorseful. They are this millennium’s version of characters from Lord of the Flies.