New Makeup Photos

Thanks to Erika The Photographer, I had a wonderful day applying makeup to  3 sweet-as-pie models! 


Urban Decay Update!

Soooooo……I checked my mail (the U.S. Postal Mail) and received the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Pallet I mentioned last week! I am in LOVE with these metallic colors! I tried them out, one eye at at time, just for you! Now remember, these colors are going to look completely different on each person who wears them, due to the metallic sheen and glitter added to each shadow.

Urban Decay

I just ordered the most CUTEST, functional eye shadow kit around! Urban Decay decided to market their most popular eyeshadows to celebrate 10 years in the business! By packaging the 8 shadows together in a cute, compact container, loyal makeup  mavens can have their pick of colors like Mildew, Oil Slick, and Last Call! People unfamiliar with Urban Decay laugh at the names of these colors, but beauty fashionistas get the last laugh when they strut into a room wearing those rich, mesmerizing  shadows! The colors in the kit (aptly named Urban Decay Shadow Box Ammo) are metallic, and because of the high level of pigment, they pack a serious punch!  At $36 for the kit, you will get some longevity from the products, which really make the purchase worth every penny spent!

Beautify Your Nails!

I am sooooo in love with 3 Free Nail Lacquer by butter LONDON!  The company actually spells the name just as I’ve typed it so that’s just an f.y.i.!  The polish is called “3 Free”  because there are no carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) that you will usually find in nail polish and remover. The company is dedicated to keeping all of their nail products free of formaldehyde, toulene, and DBP, which I totally support!

You will really get a kick out of the names for the nail lacquers! I personally own “HRH”, a lush, sexy purple (which is one of the hot colors for this fall), and “Come To Be Red”, which says it all!  “All Hail The Queen” is the perfect, proper pinkish-nude color that makes nails gleam. Check out more colors (and other beauty treatment options) at