Are YOU thankful for your flaws?

Everyone wants to look perfect, and no one wants to focus on their flaws. In the beauty world, sometimes covering up perceived flaws become the main focus of women (and men), instead of embracing the things that make a face unique.

You don’t like your “big eyes” or “skinny lips” and instead of figuring out a way to enhance them, you decide to hide what God (and DNA) handed out on the day you were born! If that sounds like you, it’s time to embrace the change. Be thankful you have a “big nose” because someone else’s was burned off in a fire. Maybe your “flat cheekbones” aren’t attractive you to, but to the domestic abuse victim whose face was smashed beyond repair, your cheekbones are beautiful. My point is this: everyone has something that they want to hide when it comes to makeup application. You have to learn to love the quirkiness that makes you fabulous!  Here are some quick solutions:

1.Big  eyes can appear smaller if you line the entire upper lash line AND lower lash line with your favorite eye liner.  If you’d like to get that “smokey eye” look that is always the rage, smudge the liner, apply a complimentary eye shadow color from upper eye lid to the crease area with an eye shadow brush. Blend with outward strokes, then use that same shadow (with a smaller brush) to go over the liner you’ve already applied.  Add 2 coats of mascara and your “big eyes” now look smoldering and sexy.  Small eyes can look bigger if you avoid lining the BOTTOM lash line, use an eyelash curler to curl those lashes, and steer clear of too much dark shadow on the entire eye lid. You, with your small pretty eyes, need to “open up” the eye lid space, so use lighter colored shadows. You can always play with more dramatic eye liner and mascara if you want more “edge” to your look.

2. Skinny lips can actually work in your favor since YOU have the luxury of applying a natural lip colored pencil to the OUTSIDE of the lip line. Fill in the lips with the same color, then apply a pretty flesh toned lipstick. Add a shimmery lip gloss (of the same color family) to the center of the lip and voila! You have a pretty pout that looks natural. Want to tone down your full, luscious lips? Try using that same natural lip colored pencil for the “skinny lipped folks” and line a tad bit INSIDE of the lip line. Again, fill-in lips with the same pencil, apply a pretty natural color, and avoid the lip gloss.

3. Make your cheekbones pop when you apply blush to the apples of the cheeks.  First, smile wide and pretty, then apply the blush to the round part of your cheeks (known as the apples). Then highlight the area right above with a bronzer that compliments your skin tone (golden and peach for pale or lighter skin tones, rich coppers and bronzes for darker complexions).  Lastly, sweep the bronzer on the upper and lower cheekbone areas, away from the apple, going toward the hairline. Use a big, fluffy brush, and only apply a small bit of product. You can always step back from the mirror and add more blush/bronzer.

Ultimately, no matter what tips I give, and what tips you try out, you have to learn to love your face. Be thankful for what you have!


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