Expand Your Beauty Horizon!

To my beauty babes who love a good deal, I have found the perfect palette for you! Sephora is now selling a FABULOUS palette of eyeshadows, blushers, liners,  and lip colors for only $48!  The “Endless Color Blockbuster” contains over $400 worth of makeup in colors real people actually use, versus those weird colors that only look good on (insert celebrity here). I bought another version of this kit last year, and the only difference I noticed was that mascara was included in the new kit.

If you’ve never tried the Sephora line of cosmetics, you are missing out. Their products are made with the same quality ingredients as other major retail brands, except you probably save a bit more money by purchasing the Sephora line. Check out the kit at http://www.sephora.com or in a Sephora store near you. Word to the wise: don’t let the small size of the kit fool you. The sliding trays expand to showcase almost 100 eyeshadows (separated by “cool” colors and “warm” colors), 70 lip colors, cream eye liners, lip liners, mascara, and applicators. Take advantage of such a great offer, and expand your beauty horizon!


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