Real or Fake?

I’ve been bantering back and forth with my Twitter Beauty Babes about something that is really disturbing: the false advertisement of cosmetic companies and their mascara brands. Sure, many of the currently available mascaras have formulas that help add length, thickness, or both to your eyelashes. The problem is not with the products, but with the commercials that show women with extremely long, thick, lush eyelashes that are clump-free, black, and silky!

The lashes of the pretty models on those commercials (both television and print) are generally FAKE!  Now honestly, false lashes (full or individual) are a great way to add a little extra flair or even a dramatic boost when you want to try something new. I love a good set of false lashes just as much as the next beauty babe, but I also know that to make them really stand out, I must apply a good mascara.  Everyone has their favorite mascara and because there are so many to choose from, you must try what works for you.  I’ve bought tons of mascaras over the years and I like different ones for different reasons. Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara makes my lashes look a mile long, but don’t do much for volume. I like Dior Show for the inky black color and the volume I desire,  but it’s a bit too clumpy for my taste.  When I’ve exhausted my quest for the perfect mascara, I realize that my old standby will never fall me, so I reach for the pretty pink and green tube that our Mothers and Grandmothers relied upon for realistic, fluttery eyelashes!  I know the difference between natural lashes that have been coated with mascara and false lashes that have been added to natural ones. I know this difference because I am a makeup artist. A less savvy person who is not familiar with tricks and tools of the industry and cosmetics may not know that the model in the commercial has enhanced eyelashes. It’s just not fair to insinuate that a brand is the ultimate solution for skimpy or short eyelashes.

If companies want us to shell out our hard-earned cash for their mascaras, then they must also be truthful with consumers.  We want the option to be real or fake!


2 thoughts on “Real or Fake?

  1. totally agree! some tells us that their mascara promises up to 13 times original length. that would be creepy, wouldn’t it? and they think we’re gonna believe them?

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