Overhaul For the New Year!

Have you been wearing the same lip/eye colors since the Egyptians used plants and henna to create colors? If so, it’s time for you to do a makeup overhaul for the new year!  Guess what?  Nothing bad is going to happen if you change up your look every now and again.  MAC makes great, highly pigmented lip colors and eye shadows that allow you to control the intensity of the colors, just by using a good brush. If you ALWAYS wear the same “natural”  lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows, it’s time to break out of your beauty rut and try something new. Sometimes, we get so used to our beauty routine that we don’t always see that our “look” might not only be boring, but also not as flattering as we think. I think of our Dear Great-Aunt who has worn electric green eyeshadow, fuchsia pink lipstick, and tangerine colored cheeks for as long as I can remember. Note: the actual products may have been purchased in the 1970’s and she still uses them!  Not only is my Aunt’s look more suitable for a circus act, but it’s just not flattering.  We love our Great-Aunt but we don’t love her beauty choices!  If this sounds like you, then it’s definitely time for a change! 2011 is all about trying new things in the beauty world. Bright eye shadows and lush lips in colors like gold and orange were featured for the Spring 2011.  Step up your game, step outside of your comfort zone and try out bronzers along with your golden/natural colored eye shadows to give your face a glow.  Maybe you’ve seen looks on the runway or magazines that you liked but you’v been hesitant to duplicate the looks. All I know is that ultimately, change comes from within, and real growth doesn’t occur until we look at ourselves objectively. 


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