So You’re Having a Breakout?

Thanks to one of my besties, I realized that I have not devoted enough time to reviewing products for acne-prone skin. Since I suffer from extremely dry skin prone to eczema rashes, I sometimes forget my people at the other end of the skin spectrum. So, I called around and talked to some of YOU who were kind enough to share your secrets to getting rid of pimples and fading dark spots as well as giving me a list of products to help control oily skin.  There were a few products that kept coming up in conversation so here we go:

Clinique Dark Spot Corrector:  

This product helps fade spots left over from various problems. You must use a sunscreen any time you a product that contains hydroquinone (since the ingredients for this product are not listed, I’m not sure if hydroquinone is used).

Rx For Brown Skin:

There are three different formulas that were developed by Dr. Susan Taylor, specifically for people of color. Bright and Healthy, Bright and Clear, and Bright and Even all contain ingredients to clear up, even out, and exfoliate your skin.

Olay Total Effects:  This line from Olay boasts a blemish control cleanser and a fragrance-free moisturizer with SPF 15 UV moisturizer. 

If you’ve tried some products that I haven’t mentioned that really work, I’d like for you to leave me a comment under this post!


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