I Got the Blues….

If you associate “feeling blue” with sadness then retrain your brain! MY blues for this season fall into the nail color category!  The color: Blagger. The company: butterLONDON. This particular shade of blue is so pretty, shiny, and such a bright pop of color that it makes you want to wiggle your toes and flash your hands at everyone. What I like is that the shade is bright, but not neon, and although I like an iridescent sheen, this polish can stand alone without the “extras”.  I didn’t just order polish on this go around, but also added a nail file (shaped like a crescent for easier filing), and “Powder Room” acetone-free nail polish remover.  The remover is a gentle formula that follows the mantra of butterLONDON (no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP, not animal tested). At $5 for a tiny bottle, I wasn’t as impressed, but the product does work!  I’ve talked about “trying something new” with your beauty routine, so here’s your chance to deviate from your regular pink/red/neutral nail polish! Happy Painting!  


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