You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat, from your head down to your feet.”  This was a song we learned as children to help us understand why nutrition was so important for the development of our bodies and minds. We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves when we forget to drink H2O, eat leafy green veggies and consume fresh fruit. Not eating healthy is the sure-fire way to do some major damage to your skin. Using a good sunscreen is not enough. Also, you can splurge on the best beauty creams and cosmetics on the market but they won’t do you any good if you’re not eating healthy.

I’ve had people ask me what kinds of makeup (foundation) can they use to “cover up” blemishes. I tell them that no brand in the world will cover up bad skin, and that good eating habits, along with drinking plenty of water is the best “makeup” they can buy!  I’m all about flawless makeup application (if you’ve been following my blog you should know this), but part of the reason why MY skin looks great is because I am conscious of what I put into my body.  I’m not speaking from a “lose weight, get fit” perspective, because I have my own struggles in that area. But I am saying that makeup can only take you so far, and you have to do the rest.


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