It’s All About Me!

This is my latest beauty coup!

Although I do have some “vanity issues”, this post is not really all about me. Instead, I wanted to tell you all about my latest beauty purchase. As some of you already know, Sephora partnered with OPI Nails to create some fashion forward nail polish colors. “It’s All About Me” is a hot, sassy, pink that has a slight purplish cast which makes it look great on many different skin tones. The Sephora website has a Virtual Nail Studio that allows you to select a nail polish color and try it on “your” hand, to see if the color suits you. Adjustment tabs let you change nail shape, length, and even skin tone!  Check out “It’s All About Me” as well as other nail colors at and enjoy playing around with the Virtual Polish Change application!


The Makeup Show-Chicago!

Words cannot express how excited I was about attending a show that was not
previously  held in my hometown! The Makeup Show did NOT disappoint! Not only was I able to score some wonderful deals on makeup tools, but I also had the opportunity to watch some of my Makeup Mentors do what they do best! Reggie Wells, Oprah’s MUA for the past 25 years, debuted HissyFit, his new product that allows you to take your makeup with you in one beautiful, copper-colored compact. We were in awe of how easy the products were to apply, and we were told by Mr. Wells himself, that his new Oprah-inspired product will soon be available to purchase on television. HissyFit helps the woman on the go, who needs her concealer, foundation, blush, etc., to fit into her purse without having to lug around tons of cosmetics. As a keynote speaker, Reggie took us to church! He moved the audience with his tales of life in the industry and how believing in yourself will take you far.

It was beyond cool to meet Red Carpet Makeup Expert Joanna Schlip, who gave a demonstration and took the time to speak with attendees and poise for pictures too! She’s incredibly down to earth and has a sweet personality to boot. Some of you may know Joanna from Oxygen Network’s “Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist”, where she was known for giving the competitors real-life suggestions and great advice on techniques.  I had a chance to sit in on Award Winning Artist Jinny Houle‘s presentation on body painting and let me just say-Jinny made body art look easy! Her water based makeup washes off with soap and water, and can be used to paint abstract designs all over the body. Jinny actually walked through the steps of her Extreme Transformation process by painting her model’s torso and face area. Check out the picture below!

There was a line wrapped around the waiting area to hear Sam Fine speak and watch him demonstrate his talents on a beautiful model! We had a great time during the Q & A session of the seminar due to Sam’s candor and sense of humor! He really is a genuine man, who not only is humble, but shared his life experiences with us and imparted some wisdom, particularly about MUA’s finding their own style and setting goals for themselves.  Sam Fine sold copies of his new DVD, “The Basics of Beauty” and also was so gracious with posing for photos!

I”m already looking forward to The Makeup Show 2012, where professionals can come together and really let their makeup freak flags fly! When you love what you do as much as MUA’s do, it’s so inspiring to be at a venue with hundreds of women and men who chose a path that ultimately gives others a HUGE boost of confidence! 

Run For Cover!

Blemishes, discoloration, and a lack of sleep can all make the most confident person want to run for cover! After all, our faces are the first things people notice about us, so we certainly don’t want to run for cover at the slightest skin eruption.  Make Up For Ever Full Cover is what I’ve been using lately, as it really works to help cover dark undereye circles and other skin imperfections. The formula is very light in texture and is also great for sensitive skin. There are a vast array of colors to choose from, and I’ve found that using a small concealer brush to dap and blend this product works well. Use it under your favorite foundation for a flawless face. Make Up For Ever is sold at Sephora stores nationwide or online at  but as with all products that are new to you, I strongly suggest you pop into a store and test out Full Cover before you buy!