From My Lips To Yours!

Do something good for your lips!

I’ve been so busy with traveling and other things that I forgot to tell you all about my latest cosmetic coup! Korres, the Greek natural skin care company, has developed a deliciously supple, vitamin infused lip gloss that goes on smoothly and gives my lips a pretty pout!  Korres is an eco-conscious company that prides itself on utilizing the local farmers network to provide products that contain the best natural ingredients possible.  With that being said, cherry oil is listed as a main ingredient, which really hydrates the lips. What I really liked about the gloss was that I didn’t have to reapply it several times throughout the day!  I own Light Purple, a really soft and shimmery mauve/pink color that I was able to wear alone or over a lip stick. I even tried it out with a few different lip pencils and that allowed me to achieve a different look each time.  Get yourself over to the nearest Sephora store and check out Korres!


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