More Make Up For Ever

I wrote about Make Up For Ever Full Cover (concealer) a few weeks ago. Well, after spending a few days out in this hot Texas heat, I figured there MUST be something a gal could do to fight runny makeup. I decided to dip into my beauty booty and conduct an emergency beauty experiment in my lab (the bathroom).  After applying face primer and MUFE’s Full Cover to my entire face, (I use 2 different colors to avoid an uneven skin tone and to highlight certain areas), I followed up with the delightfully sheer but WATERPROOF Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Makeup. Not only does it glide on easily, but it does a great job of staying in place. The level of coverage is not high, so if you are looking for a full coverage face and body makeup, you may want to try other options (like using the Full Cover concealer first). You have to let the makeup dry for a few minutes after application, especially if you plan to use this makeup on other parts of your body (i.e. legs, arms, chest area).  My skin look dewy and youthful, and my makeup did not budge in the 103 degree heat! 

The Face and Body makeup comes in a variety of shades and is best applied with a sponge versus a brush. Go to to view shades from Soft Beige all the way to Ebony, and it’s worth mentioning that Make Up For Ever understands that we come in all shades PLUS all different undertones. Some of us have pink undertones while others have yellow or olive undertones and matching foundation to the undertone is just as important as getting the right shade of foundation! You’ve all seen the photos of women who look PINK or ORANGE in a photo due to them wearing the wrong foundation, right? I think Make Up For Ever has done a good job of creating colors that can work for all skin tones. Pricing is a bit high ($38) for the Face and Body Liquid Makeup, but is absolutely worth the money. Although Make Up For Ever doesn’t allow you to purchase products on their website, you can certain take your cute self over to your local Sephora store or purchase the products from ! Let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment!


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