Celebs Inspire Celebs

Fashion Designer Charlotte Ronson has joined the ranks of celebrities who create  cosmetic lines. Her hair styling spray, eye palettes, blushes, powders, and lip glosses are inspired by celebrity friends like Nicole Richie, Designer Shoshana Gruss, and Actor Rashida Jones. Her sister, DJ Samantha Ronson, was the inspiration behind the shimmery, shiny, lip glosses. The line is carried exclusively by Sephora Stores. I am curious to see how Charlotte’s “Closer Finishing Powder” will work with my dark skin, as the translucent powder is only available in one shade, which is supposed to self-adjust to your skin according to the lighting.   Smashbox had success with similar self-adjusting products (O-Gloss Lip Gloss and O-Glow Cheek Color), so hopefully, Charlotte won’t disappoint!


Jewel Tones, Metallics, and Sheer Looks, Oh My!

If you’ve been out of the makeup loop and haven’t shopped for new colors in a while, then it’s time for you to visit your favorite beauty locales! Fall is ALL about richly colored jewel tones for shadows, pencils, lips, and nails. Think emerald green, royal purples, and navy (but never dull) blues for your eyes and nails.

OCC colors in "Distortion" and "Smote"

I’m on the hunt for the perfect Bordeaux  lipstick for my lips and tips! Metallic colors have definitely been rocked on the runways this fall. So far, I’ve already worn a few shimmery navy blues and greyish-taupe colors on my eyes, and I’ve got the greens and golds already on lockdown (see my previous post( https://therealtpayne.com/2011/03/17/go-green-and-gold/)!

It’s also time to beef up those brows and go for a fuller look. Recent trends are showing stronger, heavier eyebrows, which help carry the new shadows exceptionally well. Also, I’ll let you in a little secret: a little bit of a fuller eyebrow keeps you looking younger!

Get Tarred!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, or OCC, has the silkiest, shiniest, and most fluid black nail polish ever! This fast drying polish is quickly becoming one of my favorites so in anticipation of using this one up quickly, I’m already placing an order for a replacement.  The color is called “Tarred” and that’s exactly what the polish looks like–inky and super black.  A professional quality polish for only $8.00 is totally worth every penny if you want pretty nails. According to OCC’s site, their polish is, “Formulated with the Editorial Manicurist in mind, the result is lots of color using very little product for nails that are camera-ready just moments after the application.”   You can order Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer directly from their website!

I’m Obsessed with OCC.

A couple of months ago, I attended The Makeup Show and immediately headed toward the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics counter to play around with their highly pigmented and very colorful cosmetics. I fell in love with the Lip Tar, made of  Hemp and Peppermint Oil, as well as Vitamin E, which made my lips feel supple and moist immediately! OCC’s Lip Tar and all of their other products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, which means they aren’t filled with chemicals that are ultimately bad for your skin and the environment (go green)!  Lip Tar is meant to be worn either alone or mixed with other colors and because of the high levels of pigment, you MUST apply with a lip brush and only use a tiny dab at time to avoid looking like a clown (unless that IS the look you desire). A little truly goes a long way, which is great for your pockets too! At $13 dollars a tube, Lip Tar will last a long time if used correctly!

If you remember from a previous blog, I actually took photos of myself wearing “Hoochie” by OCC and since then, several people have contacted me about purchasing that color.  I just placed an order for a few more items including more Lip Tar in “Strumpet”  (shown at the top of this page and I can’t stop laughing at the color’s name) and professional Nail Lacquer in “Tarred”, a seriously, super-rich, black, satin polish that I can’t wait to arrive (mani/pedi time)!