Jewel Tones, Metallics, and Sheer Looks, Oh My!

If you’ve been out of the makeup loop and haven’t shopped for new colors in a while, then it’s time for you to visit your favorite beauty locales! Fall is ALL about richly colored jewel tones for shadows, pencils, lips, and nails. Think emerald green, royal purples, and navy (but never dull) blues for your eyes and nails.

OCC colors in "Distortion" and "Smote"

I’m on the hunt for the perfect Bordeaux  lipstick for my lips and tips! Metallic colors have definitely been rocked on the runways this fall. So far, I’ve already worn a few shimmery navy blues and greyish-taupe colors on my eyes, and I’ve got the greens and golds already on lockdown (see my previous post(!

It’s also time to beef up those brows and go for a fuller look. Recent trends are showing stronger, heavier eyebrows, which help carry the new shadows exceptionally well. Also, I’ll let you in a little secret: a little bit of a fuller eyebrow keeps you looking younger!


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