Celebs Inspire Celebs

Fashion Designer Charlotte Ronson has joined the ranks of celebrities who create  cosmetic lines. Her hair styling spray, eye palettes, blushes, powders, and lip glosses are inspired by celebrity friends like Nicole Richie, Designer Shoshana Gruss, and Actor Rashida Jones. Her sister, DJ Samantha Ronson, was the inspiration behind the shimmery, shiny, lip glosses. The line is carried exclusively by Sephora Stores. I am curious to see how Charlotte’s “Closer Finishing Powder” will work with my dark skin, as the translucent powder is only available in one shade, which is supposed to self-adjust to your skin according to the lighting.   Smashbox had success with similar self-adjusting products (O-Gloss Lip Gloss and O-Glow Cheek Color), so hopefully, Charlotte won’t disappoint!


2 thoughts on “Celebs Inspire Celebs

    • Thanks Soror! I’ve done a couple of different posts on lipsticks/glosses over the past year. I plan to do more though. Check out the older entries and see if there’s something helpful there for you! Thanks for your support!

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