M.A.C.’s Glitter and Ice: Holiday Colour Collection

Those of you who know me well know I love glitter, especially on my eyelids, so when I got my M.A.C. Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eye Shadow in “Winterized” and “Snow Season”, I was on cloud 9.  M.A.C. created a total of 6 shadows that  you can mix and match to create your own custom colors.  These shadows are extremely shimmery, and the glitter factor is actually quite wearable, for cool daytime looks and extra icy looks for nights out.  The Glitter and Ice Collection boasts Paint Pots, Eye Liners, Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, and more. For this collection, I really liked that M.A.C. swapped out their usual black containers for white ones!



No Beauty Rut Allowed!

I decided that instead of going DARKER for the fall, I’d go lighter with my hair color! I know that’s not the traditional way of making the switch but I’m breaking the rules. Fashion rules are MEANT to be broken! Too many times, other people don’t have to put us in a box because we do it to ourselves by second guessing our OWN thoughts and opinions. It’s just hair dye, and honestly, if the color didn’t come out to my liking, I would have just put a brown rinse over it and celebrated THAT new look!

Smashbox Holiday Collections!

Yesterday, I saw the new Smashbox collections and I’ve already placed my order! Let me just say, the 25 colors of the CLICK YOU’RE IT HOLIDAY EYE PALETTE are a necessity for all of you beauty babes! I cannot WAIT to try out the shadows and create some new looks. I checked out the LIFE IS YOUR SET HOLIDAY PENCIL KIT with colors like Sapphire, Emerald, and Espresso, which will bring some sass and style to your look.  The SNAP YOU’RE FAB HOLIDAY LIP GLOSS SET let buyers grab up those popular shades that make your pout extra pretty!  If you’re a fan of the Photo Finish Face Primer, you will love the BEHIND THE LENS HOLIDAY PRIME & SET KIT, which comes with the Photo Set Finishing Powder SPF 15.

I love when companies offer the consumers gift sets because everyone wins! The consumers get more bang for their bucks, while companies can attract new customers while keeping former customers satisfied. Check out the Holiday Collections at www.smashbox.com.