A Beauty Addict’s Paradise

Click You're It Eye Palette ($250 Value)I can’t help myself when it comes to scoring great deals on my favorite beauty products, so I’m off to Sephora to peruse the new makeup gift sets! Smashbox’ “Click You’re It Eye Palette, Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows, and the Sephora Collection Limited Edition Makeup Studio Blockbuster (193 products) are calling my name!  I’ve talked about the Sephora kit before, but with all the hustle and bustle that comes with being moi, I somehow never had that kit shipped. Somebody help me, please? I think I’m going to have to visit MA-Makeup Anonymous!

Makeup Studio Blockbuster ($440 Value)                                                                          Book Of Shadows IV


2 thoughts on “A Beauty Addict’s Paradise

  1. The Smashbox one is fabulous! Another great one is the Lorac Jewelery Box. You can actually pop out both palettes in that kit. 80) I work at Sephora…so I am surrounded by temptation at least five days a week. 80( lol

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