Realistic Beauty

Being confident in who you are is the best beauty prescription. Only on a movie screen or stage is makeup used to create the ultimate illusion: making someone look completely different. In real life, makeup should be used to enhance what you already have, and you need to accept and embrace your facial features. If, when you remove your makeup, you are unrecognizable, then perhaps it is time to reexamine your ideas of beauty.  Recently, Braxton Family Values reality star and singer Tamar Braxton  stated that she wore makeup to bed (albeit without a full face), so that she could look, “CUTE.”   That is her choice, but I wondered if I would be comfortable going to  bed every night wearing makeup. Not only does that practice wreak havoc on my skin (and my 500+ thread-count sheets), but I think I just wouldn’t feel like myself. I think Tamar is cute and I can tell that she has invested in quality products and a good beauty regimen to keep her skin healthy (thanks to the miracles of HDTV, we can see that Tamar’s skin is blemish-free).  So here’s my question: Are people hiding from themselves when they wear too much over-the-top makeup?  


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