Beautylish Boutiques!

Have you checked out Beautylish yet? This site is the place to be if you have even a remote interest in beauty products. I love to browse the articles about makeup, nails, hair, industry practices, and other things relating to the business of beauty, including videos and tutorials. Beautylish is a welcoming community of artists and experts in the beauty field, as well as novice makeup artists and self-proclaimed product junkies. If you fit into any of the categories mentioned above, then you MUST spend some time browsing the site. I have learned some valuable information just from reading the many articles posted on Beautylish.

Beautylish Boutiques allow you to snatch up exclusives from different cosmetic brands. This month’s featured brand is Sugarpill Cosmetics and they are the very first brand to be sold on Beautylish. I’ve already purchased a 4 shadow palette from Sugarpill and I am so excited to see who Beautylish will team up with for next month’s exclusive!  As someone who likes to save time by purchasing makeup online, I really loved that my shipping was free on Beautylish on purchases over $35. Join the Beautylish community by registering as a member on the site (it’s totally free) so that you can have exclusive access to the Beautylish Boutiques!



Lip Tar + Larger Than Life Gloss= Happy Lips!

I really like to play around with different brands so I mixed some Lip Tar in Pennyroyal by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (described as a “Warm Taupe Neutral”) with my NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger, a really pretty peach that has just the right touch of shimmer to make my smile sparkle!  Lip Tar is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever used for my lips. Because of the all natural ingredients, including peppermint oil, my lips feel really smooth after each use. As I’ve said before in previous blogs, a little goes a long way, when using OCC’s Lip Tar. The product dries to a matte finish and can be worn alone or with liner and gloss. NARS Larger Than Life Gloss is very lightweight and the texture is not sticky or sloppy. On top of ingredients that nourish your lips, this high shine gloss also helps plump up your pout!


Combining makeup brands gives me much more versatility with products and makeup styles and besides, it’s so much more fun to mix and match!


Nars Cosmetics creates some of the most beautiful and versatile cosmetics that work on so many different skin tones and shades. Right now, you can purchase some really beautiful gift sets that include eye palettes, lip palettes, and even an exclusive set of glitter pencils created in a partnership with Allure Magazine! I cannot wait to try out Nars Loves Rite and the rest of the palettes! Another gift that really puts me in my happy place is the set of Travel Size Brushes that Nars is offering now!

L’Oreal “Gets It.” Others Must Follow!

I couldn’t believe how many shades and undertones were represented in the line, and I found myself just standing in the aisle of Walmart with a huge grin on my face. I have known women of whom even the lightest foundation was just not light enough. I’ve also known ebony-hued women who couldn’t find a deeper enough hued foundation for them either. L’Oreal True Match Blendable Makeup is the solution! With 33 colors ranging from Porcelain (W1) to Espresso (C10), this super blendable and easily wearable foundation provides great coverage and looks natural. Being able to wear a foundation with confidence should not be so difficult, and yet finding the right shade is probably the biggest complaint I’ve heard from women when it comes to cosmetics. L’Oreal “gets it” and I hope other companies soon catch on and start making foundations in colors that ALL people can wear.


Beautylish is the best site around if you want beauty tips on hair and makeup, as well as product reviews and tutorials. The user-friendly site lets you browse tons of articles, photos, and products and learn more about the beauty industry. The site is helpful whether you are a seasoned beauty professional or just like to dabble in all things cosmetic. I have been a fan of Beautylish since its inception and have really learned so many things that have helped me in my own career as a Professional Makeup Artist. I have had a chance to review several products and read reviews from other members of the site.

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Inglot Cosmetics

I finally had the opportunity to purchase and use my new Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette on an actress during the filming of “Under Nitrous”, a new pilot that is bound to be a hit! Inglot Cosmetics is home to the Freedom System that allows you to mix and match shades for the face, eyes, brows, and lips. These highly pigmented, high quality products are a product addict’s dream and can be purchased online. I’m in love with my matte shadows in super supple greens like #331 and #333. You have to spend a bit of time surfing the site and paying close attention to the textures (some shadows are pearl, or matte, etc.). Aside from giving us Paraben-Free products, Inglot also sells palette containers for your products, which allows you to really customize your cosmetics in the way that works for you.