Beautylish Boutiques!

Have you checked out Beautylish yet? This site is the place to be if you have even a remote interest in beauty products. I love to browse the articles about makeup, nails, hair, industry practices, and other things relating to the business of beauty, including videos and tutorials. Beautylish is a welcoming community of artists and experts in the beauty field, as well as novice makeup artists and self-proclaimed product junkies. If you fit into any of the categories mentioned above, then you MUST spend some time browsing the site. I have learned some valuable information just from reading the many articles posted on Beautylish.

Beautylish Boutiques allow you to snatch up exclusives from different cosmetic brands. This month’s featured brand is Sugarpill Cosmetics and they are the very first brand to be sold on Beautylish. I’ve already purchased a 4 shadow palette from Sugarpill and I am so excited to see who Beautylish will team up with for next month’s exclusive!  As someone who likes to save time by purchasing makeup online, I really loved that my shipping was free on Beautylish on purchases over $35. Join the Beautylish community by registering as a member on the site (it’s totally free) so that you can have exclusive access to the Beautylish Boutiques!


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