As you make your resolutions for the upcoming year, make sure you include beauty and health goa

ls! I’ve been working on improving my overall health and being more cognizant of how I approach my own beauty routine. A few of my resolutions for 2013 are listed below:

1. Log my water intake DAILY! Drinking more water keeps my skin hydrated and makes my makeup look so much better!

2. Follow an exercise plan that works for ME versus someone else. Know thyself.

3. Limit the amount of cosmetics I purchase. This a common problem for makeup artists and product junkies.

4. Keep my cosmetic cases organized at all times! Doing so will prevent accidental repeat purchases of things I already own.

5. Moisturizing my hands and nails after every hand washing. I am a germaphobe but in my quest for clean hands and nails, I sometimes neglect to moisturize.

6. Get a monthly massage. No explanation needed.

I’m sure if think about it, I could come up with even more beauty goals for 2013 but I’ll stop for now. What are some things you resolve to do differently for your 2013 beauty routine? Leave a comment so I can compile a list to share with you all!

See you in 2013,




  1. #4 Inspired me and I cleaned out my make-up [junk] drawer during the holidays. In addition, (this is going to sound so nasty) I purchased daily brush cleaner and regular brush shampoo. Yes, I didn’t have any and I thought about how triflin I been rubbing old make-up onto my fresh face.
    #6 I already do
    #5 I stole from you (always have lotion in my purse).
    I already do the water and exercise. I would also suggest up your intake of fresh veggies and fruits for the natural glow from the inside out:-)
    I’ll add do a weekly mask as well.
    Thanks for helping me create my New Years beauty resolutions!!

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