Happy Valentine’s Day!

MAC Ruby Woo

MAC Ruby Woo

I’ve decided to wear my favorite red, Ruby Woo by MAC for the remainder of this month. Ruby Woo is truly one of the most beautiful red lipsticks I’ve ever seen, and I’m not alone, as many beauty babes have test driven and testified to how perfectly pretty their pouts are after wearing this timeless red. I’ve used the color on clients of the entire skin color spectrum and Ruby Woo has not failed me yet! The color is a matte texture, but goes on smoothly and doesn’t bleed. Sometimes I pair mine with MAC’s “Beet” or “Vino” lip pencils for a slight twist on the overall look. Ruby Woo VariationI’ve even mixed it with a black lipstick to get the perfect burgundy! Check out the picture ————>>

If you are “red pout shy,” it’s time for you to take a chance and try something different. For those of you who wore a trademark red lipstick back in the day but RUN like hell from the color now, I promise, you won’t be disappointed by Ruby Woo. “She” is awesome! Pick her up at your nearest MAC store or purchase online via the MAC website!




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