Creating Light With Makeup Class at MAC

SD at MAC 6 SD at MAC 5 SD at MAC 4 SD at MAC 3 SD at MAC 2 SD at MAC 1I had the absolute privilege of attending a Master Class at the MAC store on Armitage in Chicago last night. Surrounded by other professional artists, we watched the fabulously talented and extremely funny Stephen Dimmick use makeup to highlight features in ways that we never even imagined. I love learning about my craft, and after watching Stephen complete a transformation on his model, I was inspired to push myself more and be an even better artist!

Stephen’s work has been showcased on the covers of Vogue, TIME, and countless other magazines. If you follow fashion and film, you’ve seen even more of Stephen’s phenomenal runway makeup at Dior and Valentino shows, on actress Cate Blanchett, and the Kardashians.

Because I’m a life long learner, I took copious notes while Stephen demonstrated how to capture the light on one’s face. He used the following MAC tools and products to create the looks you see in my photos:

Brushes #109, #190, and #225 (although #224 is what was available for purchase) were used to apply all of the makeup used.

Products included Prep & Prime, which has a brightener that helps keep the complexion even, Face & Body Foundation (not one of my favorites because it’s too “thin” for my taste), Pro Glitter in 3D Silver, Taupe Blush used for sculpting and shading all over the face, Cream Colour Base in Luna, Shell, and Pearl, Hot & Naughty Mascara, Feline Kohl Pencil, Cherry Lip Liner, Ruby Woo Lipstick (MY FAVORITE RED LIPSTICK EVER), and a Concealer Palette. I noticed that Stephen used a combination of the cream colour base and concealer to highlight all the areas he wanted to showcase. He used the taupe blush as a shading color, and used it in places that were unexpected (eyelids, as an eyeliner on the bottom, forehead, chin, etc.)

As Stephen and the audience engaged in shop talk, we were also able to view his portfolio. There were some breathtaking pictures of models, and one in particular really stood out. The face of the model was orange, (seen in the 2nd picture posted), looked like digital art, and had a cartoonish quality, but everything we saw was MAKEUP. For that look, Stephen used MAC Pro Paint Sticks, highly pigmented and pliable products, to create the orange and burgundy look for the pictures.

I definitely felt like I was back in school, as I took notes, and asked questions. Stephen gave us some valuable information: Taking a beauty risk is what makes you an artist. If you don’t like the look when you’re finished, wash off the makeup and start over. In the end, we DO have control over what images we want to show the world.

At the end of the presentation, we were served cocktails and given time to shop and network. I came prepared with my “shopping list” so that I could stay focused. If you love MAC like I do, it’s SO easy to overspend, and I AM a beauty BUDGET girl, so I had to restrain myself! Before I made my way out of the store, I stopped to chat with Stephen and thank him for giving back to other artists. I told him that from now on, every time I open a magazine and see the “light” on a model’s face, I will think of him. He gave me a great, big hug that matched his great, big personality and thanked me for the support. All in all, I had a wonderful time!



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