I do not normally use this space for venting but I have to speak on a beauty issue that disturbs me greatly. As a WORKING, professional makeup artist, my JOB is to utilize my talents to create looks for my clients. There are many “social media sensations” who spend the bulk of their time doing online tutorials for free, and while I’m not knocking what they do, let’s remember that doing your OWN makeup online does not make you a MAKEUP ARTIST.

I get paid to do makeup. Let me say this again. I get paid to do makeup. I use quality products. I take classes to stay abreast of trends in the industry. I read articles and interview other makeup artists so that I can gather information, and hear different perspectives. This means that I do not want to do (insert your name here) makeup for free. I do not expect my doctor, lawyer, dentist, local supermarket, or favorite department store to give me free services, and I don’t expect to give clients free makeovers. There are exceptions to my rule. I have a charitable heart, and I donate my time AND my hard-earned money to charitable organizations and would gladly donate free makeovers to help a specific cause.

Please know and understand that when you ask a professional makeup artist to do your makeup for free (especially when you can clearly afford the service), you are insulting that artist, especially when you comment on how much you enjoy the artist’s work! You are insulting the craft, talent, and the time it takes to develop the skills to make that artist marketable. Makeup Artists come from all walks of life, and would like to be treated like knowledgeable, talented human beings. This means that your current artist may have formerly been a medical doctor, teacher (in my case), architect, or (insert occupation here). This ALSO means that when artists give you a price, please understand that although fees are negotiable, you should NEVER ask for a free or darn near free makeover. That’s unacceptable and makes you look like you don’t value that artist.

As a consumer, you have a right to ask questions and demand excellence from anyone that you hire to do your makeup. You should ask to see samples of their work, ask what tools they use, and anything else that will make you feel comfortable about getting a professional makeover. What you can’t do is cheapen the experience by being cheap.


Inglot via Beautylish!

Finally, Inglot has arrived at Beautylish and you have the opportunity to customize Inglot Freedom Systemshadows, concealers, lipsticks, blush, and foundation the way YOU want them organized. As a makeup artist, I have been guilty of buying and OVER buying in the eye shadow department, just because I couldn’t walk away from all the pretty colors. Inglot, one of my newest favorite lines, allows customers to create their own palettes via their Freedom System. I’ve blogged about Inglot several times before because I love that I can create all matte palettes, all glitter, or shimmer, or….well, you get what I’m saying.

Now Beautylish Boutique has added Inglot to the roster of brands they are selling and you really need to head over there to see what the hype is all about! FREE shipping if you spend over $35 is certainly tempting, and if you spend UNDER $35 dollars, you get a flat rate shipping fee of $5. Get your spring colors now!