I do not normally use this space for venting but I have to speak on a beauty issue that disturbs me greatly. As a WORKING, professional makeup artist, my JOB is to utilize my talents to create looks for my clients. There are many “social media sensations” who spend the bulk of their time doing online tutorials for free, and while I’m not knocking what they do, let’s remember that doing your OWN makeup online does not make you a MAKEUP ARTIST.

I get paid to do makeup. Let me say this again. I get paid to do makeup. I use quality products. I take classes to stay abreast of trends in the industry. I read articles and interview other makeup artists so that I can gather information, and hear different perspectives. This means that I do not want to do (insert your name here) makeup for free. I do not expect my doctor, lawyer, dentist, local supermarket, or favorite department store to give me free services, and I don’t expect to give clients free makeovers. There are exceptions to my rule. I have a charitable heart, and I donate my time AND my hard-earned money to charitable organizations and would gladly donate free makeovers to help a specific cause.

Please know and understand that when you ask a professional makeup artist to do your makeup for free (especially when you can clearly afford the service), you are insulting that artist, especially when you comment on how much you enjoy the artist’s work! You are insulting the craft, talent, and the time it takes to develop the skills to make that artist marketable. Makeup Artists come from all walks of life, and would like to be treated like knowledgeable, talented human beings. This means that your current artist may have formerly been a medical doctor, teacher (in my case), architect, or (insert occupation here). This ALSO means that when artists give you a price, please understand that although fees are negotiable, you should NEVER ask for a free or darn near free makeover. That’s unacceptable and makes you look like you don’t value that artist.

As a consumer, you have a right to ask questions and demand excellence from anyone that you hire to do your makeup. You should ask to see samples of their work, ask what tools they use, and anything else that will make you feel comfortable about getting a professional makeover. What you can’t do is cheapen the experience by being cheap.



  1. Preach Soror! That goes for any artist! For some reason, this society does not respect art. They look at it as something you just HAPPENED to FALL into. When folks offer me $50 to perform, it’s a slap in the face. It’s taken countless years to develop those 30 minutes of POLISHED material. You’re not just paying for the time on stage, you’re paying for EVERYTHING that went into getting that 30 minutes of POLISHED material. And, I imagine that’s the same thing with MUA. You’re paying for all the classes, time, make-up, effort, vision that was cultivated to produce that product. Whew! Thanks for allowing me to vent too! Lol!

  2. I whole heartedly agree. The same dynamics that others may use may work for their brand but often times it has a backup of support of people that have chosen to render services, sent ready and willing clients who want to spend their money. We must learn to value each other. Invest in what you want. Do not cheapen the artist while demeaning yourself when you have it to give.
    sometimes we will lessen ones artistry to the lowest denominator. Stop. Its a choice and if you don’t want to invest your hard earn money, don’t waste ones hard earn time.
    I support you mrs. Tiff in all your endeavors rock on, rock strong an stay beautiful!

  3. I don’t know you. I have never seen your work. I do know the truth when I hear it! Why do people think that the image business isn’t a profession. This is our bread and butter. We are real entrepreneurs! Don’t bite your tongue! Pricing is a touchy subject in our business. I’m glad someone has the moxy to speak out! We don’t work for tips. We work for the agreed price. I hate to say this but the people who know our skills and who are close to us or have used our services before tend to think they should get a break or pay next to nothing! Not in this economy!

  4. This is interesting because it follows suit in the whole beauty industry. People are all wanting discounts or cheaper. What even more interesting thought is, would they want to take a discount or get no pay at the end of their pay week. That’s what they are asking us to do, aren’t they?
    I agree with your message above!

  5. I agree 150%!!! We spend out hard earned money on high end products and in return get lip about who charges what and what M.A.C does, Well go to MAC then!!! I am glad you said this.. it needs to be put on every website and blog around!!! RESPECT THE CRAFT!!!!!!!!! Respect me Period!!! You cant go to the grocery store or any store and walk out with a cart full of free groceries so why cant you pay the fee to be made over!!!

  6. I concurr with everything you’re saying Tiffany! Unfortunately, that sector of people always want something for nothing. They take that same mind set and apply it to every facet of life.

    I’m a Minister of Music and sad to say, I’ve encountered that same mind set from church ministries throughout my whole career. They want million dollar service for every planned and/or spur of the moment occasion in exchange for cheap to free labor. They get offended when you tell them no! I sent out a public service announcement myself several years back: If you want the turkey and trimmings, be prepared to open up your checkbook!!

  7. Hi Tiffany. I am new to this forum, and your post was the first one that I read. I just want to say that I definitely have your same sentiments, and you saying what you said has given me the confidence to echo these words to people, business, etc. that I will be dealing with from day to day. People and businesses wanting to recieve my valuable services and expertise for nothing really bugs me. We have spent months and years of our time (and money) training, attending workshops, seminars, etc. It is surely just wrong for anyone (aside from charitable organizations) to even think about asking for our services for little or no compensation!
    So well said Ms. Tiffany. 🙂

  8. I agree 200%!! For over 30 yrs. I have been a professional artist and I still feel that I have to continuously prove myself. Getting respect for talent is a lifelong chore and getting paid for what you’re worth is always an uphill climb or pretty much impossible. I guess the “pay off” for doing something you love so much and you’re so comfortable with and really really good at, is that you’re willing to work for peanuts or basically nothing at all. At least I’m happy to be able to do Art all day long even though I remain the broke struggling artist.

    • Valerie, I was an educator for many years while freelancing jobs here and there but decided to take the plunge and go full time as an MUA. It’s the best choice I’ve ever made because I’m so much happier doing what I love. The money will come soon! Hang in there!

  9. I completely agree! It is very frustrating when people are constantly asking me to give them a discount. I would love to share this if that is ok with you. I believe this should go up on every social media page.

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