I Am Grateful

Me in GlassesThree days ago, my husband and I picked up our good friends who flew in from Texas for a visit. We took them to breakfast and as we were sitting there, catching up, I felt someone bump my chair by accident, as the waiter led the party to their table. I glanced over, and saw that the gentleman who bumped my chair was the one and only Reggie Wells! I think I almost scared my group with my sharp intake of breath, and overall giddiness. My husband and friends got a quick bio from me about Mr.Wells, and we quickly dubbed him as, “The Michael Jordan of Makeup.”

I knew in my heart that I needed to briefly (and quickly) let Mr. Wells know how much he has inspired me to continue to work on my craft, and make my mark in the makeup world. I introduced myself and told Reggie that after hearing him speak at The Makeup Show-Chicago in 2011, I did some self-reflection and realized that I needed to take a leap of faith, and leave the field of education (Reggie’s previous career), and move forward with plans

Picture taken by Tiffany Payne-Griffin, 2011

Picture taken by Tiffany Payne-Griffin, 2011

to work as an artist full-time. We chatted briefly, and after Reggie inspected my eyebrows (I got the seal of approval), he gave me a big hug, wished me well and I floated back to my table on cloud 9. Does it matter if Reggie ever remembers this conversation? No. What matters is that I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to thank Mr. Wells, a pioneer in the field. He has paved the way for so many other artists, especially African-American artists, and shares life lessons every time he speaks.


6 thoughts on “I Am Grateful

  1. Soror! I know you were tickled pink! Consider it a good omen that you ran into a pioneer of your craft (and he gave the stamp of approval on the brows – I see you stay looking fresh)!! That is sooooo awesome! As long as you’re living the dream, you’re doing the right thing! Can’t wait to see you backstage of the Oscars when you’re doing my face:-)

  2. Soror, that’s awesome! It’s a beautiful thing when one discovers and take steps of faith to live ones passion. Especially they way God gave you confirmation (being bumped by an industry icon….Mr. Wells). I feel inspired…..Go for it!!!!!!!! Sisterly Love

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