What’s Your Motivation?

I get inspiration for makeup and beauty ideas from books, magazines, movies, people-watching, stores, and even paint swatches. These flashes of colors or images make me want to try out new things with my makeup, hair, and nail care routine, and I think it’s really important to identify what motivates you, in order to achieve the looks make you feel special.

Imitation (when done correctly versus a complete rip-off) really IS the sincerest form of flattery. The idea of taking something, then deconstructing that idea and making it your own is why the world of beauty, or what each individual defines as beauty, is so fascinating.

It’s easy to get stuck in a beauty rut, and rely on the same routine, but doing that does nothing for a person. Motivate YOURSELF. Step out of your basic (or extreme) beauty rut and do something new. Find inspiration in the little things around you, and start taking risks with your beauty routine.



I Beat The Heat!

Today was the first summer day that I ventured outdoors wearing a full face of makeup. I always wear a sunscreen and lip balm, but today was one of those days where (due to work) I had to give myself “face.”  The temperature this morning was a scorching 91 degrees, and  I felt like I was trapped in an oven. Summer Heat Makeup

The Makeup Goddesses had already whispered in my ear that an attempt to waterproof my face was the way to go. After applying my Olay moisturizer, I added Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer and followed up with my L’Oreal RevitaLift Miracle Blur. Doing all three of these things helped set my face and get it ready for the next phase. I used MAKE UP FOR EVER Face and Body Liquid Makeup (which is waterproof), as well as the line’s Eye Primer, which allowed my eye shadow to last without creasing. After adding the rest of my makeup, I hit the streets to see if I could beat the heat. I did sweat a tad bit, but even after dabbing my face with a soft tissue, I was able to keep my makeup intact (the picture above was taken after being in the heat for a few hours).

By using a combination of techniques, and with trial and error, we can always find a way to keep our makeup looking good in the summer heat. Of course, we could always skip the makeup and go natural, but that’s not nearly as much fun for those of us who adore cosmetics! Do you have any suggestions on how to keep your makeup looking great during these hot summer months? I’d love to compile a list of suggestions and post them!