Less Is More

Sometimes, the best makeovers are the ones that are the most subtle. I pride myself on creating looks that make my clients feel like their best possible selves, and it doesn’t take heavy contouring, highlighting, loads of colors and such, to create a natural, yet noticeable makeover.

The trick to making a natural look work is to understand that you have to use primer, foundation, eye liner, brow color, mascara, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, and lipstick or gloss. Natural doesn’t mean “bare.”  Instead, natural makeup requires the makeup artist to blend carefully, utilize products that enhance the features, and use more natural tones for the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

To create the look shown in this post, I used MAC Matchmaster Foundation to even out the Natural Makeoverthe skin-tone and reduce the redness. I really love how this lightweight formula allowed me to build up to heavier coverage if necessary. After creating an even complexion, I swept MAC Eye Brow Pencil in Lingering over the brows, using light strokes to add more shape and definition.

I played around with a few eye shadows but settled on MAC shadows in Rice Paper, Naked Lunch, and Goldmine. I used a little bit of Amber Lights in the crease area for definition, and followed up with Smolder Eye Pencil and L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes in Blackest Black.

A light dusting of MAC blush in Peaches, and MAC bronzing powder in Golden finished off the look.

Again, when we talk about natural makeup, we are truly talking about a style versus paring down to virtually no makeup. It takes time and practice to perfect this style but when done correctly, natural looks can really bring out the radiance of the skin, and that’s what makes for a happy client!

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