Groupon ScreenshotI’m taking a detour from my usual posts about all things beauty because I just want to shout from the rooftops about Groupon’s excellent customer service.


I purchased a Groupon for an item that I needed, and when it did not arrive in a timely fashion, I reached out to Groupon’s customer service department and was pleasantly surprised to get a response within a few moments. The email stated that I would be hearing from a customer support agent within 24 hours. I’ve “heard” that line before so I wasn’t expecting a follow-up WITHIN 24 hours but that’s exactly what happened! Not only did I receive a sincere apology from the agent (Nithya V), but also details as to what transpired with my order (Groupon was unable to ascertain why the vendor did not follow through), and I was offered a full refund if I chose not to wait for the item. I chose the refund, and not only was that request granted, but the funds were reflected in my account within a few days (Groupon said that the process could take up to 10 days).

I completed a survey for Groupon about my experience (I love surveys because I believe that my opinion DOES matter), and again received an email from Nithya V thanking me for MY support.

This experience is why customers choose to maintain relationships with certain companies. I believe in informing my readers about all things that work, whether beauty-related or not, and Groupon works hard for their customers. Now I’m headed off to cyberspace on a search for some cosmetic and beauty Groupons!

Until next time,



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