Photoshop: Is That Really YOU?

Here’s the scenario: You are flipping through Instagram, Facebook, etc., and see before and after photos of a woman who just had a makeover. In the first picture, the woman resembles Chewbacca from Star Wars and in the second, she is officially on Beyonce status. I’m seeing way too many makeup artists (and non-artists) posting heavily photoshopped pictures that are not an accurate representation of their skill set. I totally believe in the powers and wonders of photoshop in order to enhance and improve the overall quality of a picture HOWEVER (yes, I’m speaking in my loud voice), some people are going OVERBOARD. When pores no longer exist, when colors that you normally recognize have now taken on alien-like qualities, the photoshopping has gone too far.

When it comes to skills, makeup artists have to be able to create looks that are a true representation of what they have been trained to do. Lately, I’ve been seeing people post “before and after” photos of their work once various editing procedures have been utilized to enhance their work. Granted, there should be some editing done. The problem comes into play when the artist has used several editing techniques to completely change the “after” photo. This is an unfair representation of makeup art. When an ill-informed individual sees these sorts of misleading photos, they may reach out to that “artist” for a makeover, and be completely dismayed when they don’t get the results they admired on the artist’s social media site.

Integrity in what I do is extremely important to me. When I post pictures to this blog, they are for informational purposes and are not heavily edited. Real people have real flaws, and even the best makeup artists on earth (shoutout to Sam Fine, Billy B, and James Vincent) can’t erase wrinkles, frown lines, pimples, and pores. Why take away the things that make people who they are? While I believe artists should do what is right for them, I don’t think it’s fair to mislead potential clients. If you are a current subscriber to  it’s time for you to stop the photoshop and let your true talents shine through.

Until Next Time,