Who’s Skin? Not Mine!

My skin USED to just be dry with sporadic eczema flare-ups, but lately, due to hormonal changes, I now have to experience something I’ve never dealt with before: acne. What the heck? I have pimples now, and I am genuinely confused about how to care for my used to be parched skin.  I had to ask myself: do I chuck my “dry” skin moisturizer in favor of oil free products or do I just spot treat the acne areas?

If you’ve graduated from dry skin to combination skin, welcome to my world, where things are not making sense. I have to roll with the punches and so I’ve started using a combination of oil-free cleansers and moisturizer along with my normal dry-skin products. So far, this regime is starting to work, and I’m thankful because I’m frustrated with the way my skin looks right now.

As a makeup artist versus being a licensed esthetician, I am a great “cover up artist,” with just a little bit of skin care knowledge, so I know how to make my skin (and the skin of others) “look” good, however, getting to the root of the blemishes is a better long-term solution. I know better so I have to do better. Upping the ante on my water intake, insuring that I remove all traces of makeup before bedtime, and being consistent with how I use my skin-care products will help my face get back to “normal” or at least MY version of normal. Wish me luck!

Until next time,