I’m Nailing it With OCC!

OCC Polish and PigmentI can’t help myself. I try to refrain from buying too many beauty products and for the most part, I’ve been pretty good this year. But since the year is almost over (where did the time go?) I decided to treat myself to a little cosmetic retail therapy by heading over to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics to drool over some pretty polishes. I tried to trick myself by focusing on getting ONE bottle of NAIL POLISH but I was only fooling myself. I am literally obsessed with OCC’s vegan, non-toxic super shiny nail polishes. Not only are the colors bold and beautiful, but they go on smoothly and dry quickly. They aren’t toxic and that makes me feel good. The guilt kicked in immediately when I saw how quickly I had filled my shopping cart, so I had to stop, regroup, and remind myself that I should only be REPLACING my nail polish favorites! I’m proud to say that I only bought 4 new nail colors (“Tarred” is my standby black nail polish) and one pigment for my eyes (a bright magenta)!  I’m already trying to figure out which color to use for my next mani/pedi. OCC can be ordered from their website or you can check out your local Sephora store for some of the products.


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