Use it or Lose it. I’m Just Saying…

Be honest. How many of you go to (insert favorite cosmetic brand/store) and spend TONS of money on products of which you rarely use? Do you have 17 lipsticks in the same shade of red/pink/beige/purple yet you swear they are all “different?”  How many eye shadows and palettes do you own, yet the only time those colors looked good was when the sales person applied them?  Do you rush home from the store, play around in your new makeup, post 1000 selfies, and try to convince yourself that you DO look different (even though you don’t)?

If this is you, don’t be ashamed. We all have that moment when we approach those blushes, eyeliners, and such, and our eyes glaze over as we nod in the affirmative while the sales person adds “just one more” product to our order. Not that I’m blaming them, but sales people are supposed to SELL but you have to learn when to decline (it’s so hard and the struggle is real in these beauty streets). We have all had that exhilarating rush of adrenaline as we gladly hand over our credit card to pay for yet another treasure trove of makeup goodies. That rush…goes away when we look at our receipt later on and it goes like this:

Logical Me: DAMN! I spent THAT much???

Makeup Dazzled Me: Well, I really did need the..what does that say..oh yeah, the Miracle Make My Pores Disappear and Never Return and Oh Yeah Hide my Crow’s Feet Foundation for $90.

Logical Me: Take this stuff back to the store!

It’s SO easy to buy a bunch of makeup, but if you are still unsure of how to apply the products, or your makeup is just sitting in a drawer somewhere unused, then it’s time to stop wasting your money.  Use it or lose it. By this, I mean simply that you need to either learn how to apply your makeup properly, start learning how to combine products to create new looks, or get rid of unused and old makeup. If you’ve never used that 18th red/pink/beige/purple lipstick yet, give to someone who will. If you have old makeup sitting around, it’s bad for your skin anyway, so toss it out. Be honest. Use it or lose it. After all, you KNOW you don’t REALLY need the 19th red/pink/beige/purple lipstick anyway!

Until next time,


p.s. I just placed an order for Eyes on MAC and I SWEAR that I only have like…ONE of those colors already.


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