Revisiting Bad Brows

I was browsing Pinterest and saw a Pin from Covergirl that talks about how to create an appropriate bold eyebrow. Their suggestions and techniques were good, valid, detailed, and would certainly help the many victims of bad brow shaping.

So you ask, “How do I know if my brows are hideous?” Well, look in the mirror. If you clear your face of all makeup, did your brows disappear? If so, then you ma’am (and sir in some cases) have made some bad brow decisions. Do your brows make you look like you are always surprised? Then yep, you guessed it, you have bad brows. Do you have sharp points at the tops of your brows? Like a widow’s peak for the brow?  Okay, then YOU have bad brows. Do your brows look like question marks? Yep, you guessed it, you have bad brows. Do people ask you why you’re mad all the time? *sigh*  YOU have bad brows. I’m not even going to ASK you if you have a unibrow (that’s a whole different conversation).

It appears to me (and other professional makeup artists) that the new trend is to create a cookie-cutter version of the eyebrow. You’ve seen the pictures people post of themselves after their makeovers. You should have noticed by now that almost all of these people have the exact same drawn on eyebrows. These brows are usually too thick, too sculpted, and look as if they have been painted on instead of filled in, and that is just not a good look.

There are some people out there who have lost their brows due to alopecia, cancer treatments, and accidents. I’m not talking about those folks. They get a pass to do whatever the hell they like to their brows. Some people are victims of over-plucking, and they really do need to recreate some hair up there, BUT for the most part, people are just succumbing to a trend that has become so popular that now, folks don’t even know what constitutes a proper brow.  People are individuals, and should look different. If you notice that everyone who has a makeover gets the same “style,” then what makes them stand out?  If you are an aspiring makeup artist and want to remain relevant years from now, remember that individuality trumps “trend” any day and steer clear of cookie-cutter looks for your clients.

Are you ready to get right? Then check out the link BELOW from a previous post on how to work those brows the right way. You are too cute and too much of an individual to be walking around looking like a bad version of someone else.

Until next time,