Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

* note: I do not work for MAC. The picture you see below belongs to me.

We are individuals. In the world of makeup, it is becoming increasingly harder to avoid all the images of everyone wearing the SAME look. Heavy contouring and highlighting, overdrawn eyebrows, and the requisite “duck lip” smile is what I see all over social media. These trends are causing normal-thinking individuals to somehow think they aren’t doing enough in regards to their makeup style, and that’s sad. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

We don’t have to follow the trends to be beautiful. We don’t have to subscribe to the mentality that there is only one way to rock makeup, which includes 10,000 products (pure hyperbole but you get my point). This is my public service announcement for the week. Stay true to your own look. Be your own kind of beautiful, and if that means wearing just lip balm and a big smile, or a runway inspired look, own your “beautiful.”

Until next time,



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