The Best Beauty Tips EVER!

Everyone wants the Holy Grail of Beauty Tips in order to look their very best. Can I let you in on a secret? There is never going to be that one great product that does it all. Your best beauty comes from within, and from knowing who you are and where you want to go in life. For you die hard cosmetic addicts, I will say that drinking plenty of water, maintaining a good diet with lots of leafy green veggies, proteins, healthy grains, and exercising ALONG with a fantastic cleansing and moisturizer routine will give you the glow you desire. You have to do the biology stuff to get the glamorous look that will make you a standout. Note: I have talked about Olay Regenerist so much that I should work for them, but it is my favorite face moisturizer cream and has worked so well at keeping my skin and complexion much more even and hydrated.

There have been times when I second guessed myself, and spent way too much time over-analyzing the choices I’ve made in the past.  We’ve all been guilty of trying to rationalize our pasts, and those cringe-inducing times we have loved or hated someone who wasn’t worthy, forgave a frenemy, got too dressed up for an event or not enough, or cried in public instead of wearing our game faces. We have all played that popular, but somewhat cruel game of “what if?”

As I mature, (note: not “get older” but to become more aware) I sometimes wish I could go back in time and share with my 25-year-old self some gems I have picked up along the way.  But then I realize that my life would not be as enriched as it is now (as a 40-something fabulous female on the go), without all of the life lessons; like the lessons below:

  1. Never let a man “buy” your love. You shouldn’t put a price tag on your self-worth.
  2. Always have your own cab/bus/train fare if the date goes in an uncomfortable direction.
  3. Splurge on good cologne.
  4. Splurge on at least one dress that makes you feel more beautiful than anyone else.
  5. Spend less on most clothing but spend more on accessories. Good quality shoes and a purse can be the deal breaker for that certain job.
  6. Read the newspaper daily or watch the world news at least once per day.
  7. Laugh more.
  8. Don’t be embarrassed to cry. It’s not a sign of weakness.
  9. Leave a good tip for good service. Your wait staff will remember you upon a return visit.
  10. Tell your family and friends that you love them……just because.
  11. Manage your money and know what is in your accounts at all times.
  12. At least open a checking and savings account. Learn the basics of investing your money.
  13. Hating someone else only chips away at the very core of your being. Forgive and let it go.
  14. Brush up on: public speaking skills, dining etiquette, and an elegant walk.
  15. Buy a used car and laugh at everyone else while your car notes are low or non-existent.
  16. Grow spiritually by setting aside time every day for prayer or meditation.
  17. To borrow from the soul singer William DeVaughn, “Be Thankful for What You Got.”
  18. Learn how to do your own: hair, makeup, and mani-pedi.
  19. Learn how to: change a flat tire, check your oil, and use a map/compass.
  20. Read current fiction and classic novels or at least read the book jacket covers!
  21. Never feel bad about being more financially successful or more educated than your mate.
  22. Never let your mate make you feel bad about being more financially successful or more educated.
  23. Take time to cultivate an intimate relationship that is not built on sex first. Passion fades, but conversation, love, and compassion live forever.
  24. Mistakes don’t make you a failure. Instead, learn the lesson and build your character.
  25. Love the unique qualities that make you special, flaws and all.

My 40-something self is a work in progress. But lately, I’ve been following my own advice and I’ve realized that I’m doing a pretty good job of being me! Take some time to reevaluate yourself and recognize your power!

Until next time,



Summer Makeup Help!

Coconut Oil MAC and OlayAs an artist, I tend to gravitate toward “full face” year round, including these hot, sticky, humid summer days in Chicago. But lately, due to being pressed for time, and general laziness, I’ve found a way to even out my splotchy complexion (thanks eczema!) and look “made up” without using concealer and foundation.

Keeping my skin moisturized and hydrated is key to looking good. So I’ve upped my waterMade up with MAC Skinfinish intake, decreased my caffeine addiction down to 1 serving every few days, and doubled up on my moisturizer by first slathering my face in Kelapo Coconut Oil, then following up with my favorite Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. After my skin has soaked up my concoction, I swipe on MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder, which gives me natural and polished look. When I’m done, I do a happy dance! Low key, this look may take me way beyond summer. I’m just saying…

Until next time,