Beauty On The Go!

Benefit Beauty Kiosk at Las Vegas Airport

Benefit Beauty Kiosk at Las Vegas Airport

Recently, I travelled to Las Vegas for my dear friend’s wedding, and almost LITERALLY stumbled when I saw a Benefit Cosmetics kiosk. I had forgotten about these kiosks in the airports.  Why didn’t I pitch this idea years ago? There are so many times that we forget some of our cosmetics while packing for a trip, and it is a fantastic idea to be able to purchase items while you’re in the airport terminals. When I’m packing, sometimes I have to choose between which products will make the TSA cut, and which ones I’ll have to leave behind. This is aggravating on so many levels. But Benefit figured it out, and now people can purchase “travel friendly” sized products!

The average woman is not a professional makeup artist, and may not be able to efficiently and safely pack her cosmetics, which becomes an airport nightmare upon reaching the security gates and scanners. I know better, and yet, there have still been times where I had to repack/recheck foundations, powders, and gels at the last-minute. I love the idea of being able to wait until after I get through security to get my mini-sized cosmetics. So, I’ve copied the list of airports where Benefit kiosks are located! Enjoy!

Austin Gate 14 & East Concourse Gate 6

Las Vegas Terminals 1 & 3

Nellis Air Force Base (Las Vegas) Main Exchange

Palm Beach Concourse C

New York JFK, Terminals 2 & 5

Savannah-Hilton Head Airport

Houston Terminals C & D/E connector

Tulsa, OK Terminal B

Cleveland Hopkins Concourse C

Raleigh-Durham Terminal 2

Nashville International Airport

Minneapolis St-Paul F Connector

Dallas/Fort Worth Terminals A, C & D

Ft. Lauderdale Terminals 2 & 3

Atlanta Concourse D

El Paso Concourse B

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Concourse B

Dallas Love Field West Concourse

Indianapolis Concourse A

Philadelphia Terminals A & E

Reno Concourse B

Anchorage  South Terminal, Concourse C

Milwaukee Concourse C

Hartford Concourse E

Rochester Main Terminal

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Concourse B

Fort Belvoir Main Exchange

El Paso/Ft Bliss Main Exchange

Baltimore Concourse C

Burbank Terminal A

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