Happy Holidays

The happiest holidays for me are the ones where I can do absolutely nothing. Relaxing, online shopping, reading, and binge-tv watching are on my list of “activities” for the rest of this year. Whether you celebrated Hanukkah, or plan to celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa, I hope you take some time to recharge your battery. I’ve already starting recharging mine by doing something I love, which is attending live music shows, starting with the Robert Glasper Trio at Jazz Showcase here in Chicago.

Recharging your battery means different things to different people. For some, it means heading to the gym to transform their bodies and get that natural energy boost that comes from a good cardio and weight training workout. For other people, getting their battery recharged means eliminating toxic people and negative thoughts in order to thrive, while some folks just need a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in their own beds.  Sometimes, stepping away from a project that is causing stress is the best solution to get your energy level back and make that project shine.  It’s okay to stop, step back, or step down when the load gets too heavy. Learn to listen to your body and listen to your conscience.


Until next year,



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