Buy What Makes YOU Happy.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I don’t even feel like trying to count how many makeup and beauty products exist in this great big world, or even just in the United States alone. I’m sure the numbers are staggering. With more access than ever to products, informational videos on social media, commercials, and print ads, it becomes increasingly stressful to “keep up” with what you “need” in order to feel beautiful.

Women (and some men) ask me all the time, “What is the best _____ for my face/skin/coloring?” I always do my best to give an informed answer, but it gets tricky when people start asking me which company makes the best product. For me, I believe that you should buy what makes you happy. If you love the high-end products simply because of the name, that’s okay. Buy away!  If you prefer drugstore products and they get the job done just fine, again, THAT is okay. Buy away!  Over the years, I have filled my kit and stocked (and re-stocked) with a mixture of eye makeup that cost me $1.00 up to $50.00 foundations. I’ve used $5.00 foundations that worked wonderfully and an almost $30.00 mascara that I absolutely hated (I won’t say the name but I’ve blogged about that before).  I have used a $150.00 face cream that didn’t live up to the hype. I quickly replaced that with my trusty $23.00 cream that has worked well for me since day one (in a pinch, I use my $10.00 pure coconut oil).

The phrase, “You get what you pay for” has validity. If you order a $6.00 lipstick online from the newest hyped-up cosmetic company, you can’t get angry if your lips feel like sandpaper because the company hasn’t invested in quality ingredients. It may be only then (after that allergic reaction) that you look up the company online, and you see that their products were made in a factory that’s currently under investigation for using toxic chemicals (and rat pee).  If you paid close to $100.00 for one tube of lipstick because the brand has mastered the art of packaging, but you had to reapply your couture lipstick 10 times a day until you used it all up (and you don’t have another 100 bucks to replace the tube), don’t feel bad. You got what you paid for, which was “makeup status” among your friends.  Let’s be real. Sometimes it feels good to have an “exclusive” beauty product.

Sometimes, that super cost-effective face primer failed to control your shiny t-zone exceptionally well BUT it worked for the few hours you needed it to work. So yep, you got what you paid for, and that’s okay. I’m no brand snob. I use what works. You should too. Do your research and try products that you have always wanted to try. If your high-end eye shadow makes you feel like a boss, work every molecule of that shadow. If your low-cost lipstick makes your lips look luscious, smile extra hard and post a selfie.  Buy what makes YOU happy.

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