Pay for a Pro


I was having a discussion with a woman recently about the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist for certain life events (i.e. wedding, prom, photographs, balls, etc.).  Part of the conversation centered around how some women only want the MUA to “do their eye makeup” while they just pay a small amount of money for that service (let’s just say they want to pay $15 to have an artist do their eyeshadow, liner, and lashes).  I stated that this was a bad idea for several reasons:

  1. Just doing your (insert facial feature area here) is something that I refuse to do simply because you (the client) must have continuity in your look. My skill set allows me to create a seamless look for you, but your skill set won’t match mine.  If I only do your eye makeup, because you decided to financially cut corners, you may follow-up behind MY work, busily and inaccuratly applying foundation, blush, powder, etc. Now you don’t look as flawless as you could have looked. Meanwhile, someone else may think I created the entire look and my credibility goes out the window.
  2. Paying a professional insures that you are camera-ready. With the invention of HDTV and HD cameras, every tiny flaw is visible and no one wants to be the person filmed or photographed wearing poorly blended foundation or too much blush. A good makeup artist will use products geared toward the HD society in which we now live. You, however, may not have experience using those products that require some training.
  3. Being cheap is not cool. If you can’t afford someone’s services, wait until you can pay. Don’t ever try to low-ball a professional makeup artist. You cheapen the profession and this isn’t fair to the artist. Also, splurging on something that will benefit you and highlight your best features makes sense.
  4. If I only “do” your eyes, or foundation, or whatever, your look will be what I call “unfinished.” It’s the equivalent of getting partially dressed, receiving a plate of half-cooked food, or only getting half of your hair styled.

Good makeup takes time, practice, studying, mentoring, and research. Paying someone who’s taken the time to learn this craft, this art, is worth every penny. You’re worth the investment.

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2 thoughts on “Pay for a Pro

  1. That’s a terrific letter, when you find the need to use it. It does amaze me, as a highly experienced long term makeup artist for Television, Film and all special events, that people will spend tons of money on all of the before stuff that most people won’t see or even think about (be it a script, a location, an audience) but NOT spend on exactly what that end result will show to their certain audience, clearly the LOOK OF THE FACE! and someone thinking that only their eyemakeup matters….well, you said it quite well! I did have one professsional client express to me that while women are so quick to spend tons of money on clothing and even makeup–they really need spend a few dollars on how to use it all and put it all together! Loved that!!

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