Prince (June 7, 1958-April 22, 2016)

There are no words that can adequately express how hard I’m grieving over the death of musical icon Prince. The impact of his music, grace, and humility will affect me until the day the ancestors call me home.

My Daddy introduced me to the music of Prince in 1975 after receiving a promotional album. Years later I finally understood what “Soft & Wet” meant and had a good laugh. Prince’s music was mystical, raunchy, religious, funky, and full of a combination of rock, r&b, jazz, and so much more. His music was undefinable. It was always original. No one will ever match what he did for music.

Prince was a quiet humanitarian who gave to those in need. He was a proud African-American man who stood up for others in an industry that doesn’t always have the best intentions concerning artists. He fought and won, not just for himself, but for other musicians who were being mistreated by their record labels. I will miss going to his electrifying shows. I won’t miss the music though, as it is eternal, and it lives. Forever.

Rest in peace to a true musical genius who transcended every single barrier to become one of the most iconic men who ever graced the planet.

Until next time,