What Is Beauty?

Purple Makeup Prince Shirt

When I discuss beauty on my blog, I am usually talking about some sort of cosmetic/health related topic that we can connect with what make makes us look or feel beautiful.  Physical beauty is only skin deep and is only one facet of a person’s makeup (no pun intended).  Surely, most people want to enhance their natural beauty or at the very least, maintain and preserve their looks. So we spend money on products that promise to make us “better” in some way. We follow trends (some of them harmful), watch YT and IG “influencers” (folks on social media who are paid to promote cosmetic brands), and practice the latest diet fads that promote miraculous feats (“make your cellulite disappear”). People spend hours discussing and practicing how to create the perfect smokey eye, cut crease, contour, and highlight, as if somehow mastering these techniques will elevate them to “beauty.”  We pick, poke, and prod at our skin and our friends and those we cannot stand, trying to discover what’s “wrong” with their “beauty” as if they needed fixing in the first place.

What’s wrong? Everyone has their own definition of “beauty” yet people spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting others personal standards of beauty instead of critiquing themselves.  Simply put: worry about yourself.  Take care of YOUR skin and YOUR body. Buy and use products that YOU like. Strive to be a better human being because THAT is beautiful. Being happy in your own skin is beautiful. Having love in your life and in your heart is beautiful. Appreciating every day that you are here and not dead is beautiful. Having a job you hate that still pays your bills is beautiful. When you laugh from deep within and your face shows your happiness, you are beautiful.  I challenge you to define what beauty means for YOU and rock with that in YOUR life.

Until next time,


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