Beauty Influencers

Please know and understand that there is a HUGE difference between someone reviewing a product and sharing their opinion versus someone who is being PAID to say nice things about a product. I am specifically referring to beauty influencers on social media who purport to be makeup artists but are really just getting paid to apply makeup from cosmetic brands. I’m totally okay with actors being paid to showcase products, but I think it’s dishonest to pretend that one would sell their first-born child to own (insert cosmetic item here) because it works SO well, when that person has been hired to tout said product.

Pay attention when someone on IG or YT says they are just reviewing a product for the hell of it, because they may be receiving compensation to make those claims. I won’t even go into the legal ramifications that could come into play. Obviously, people buy many cosmetic products based on reviews, but just know that some of your favorite social media beauty influencers are working for a brand, and they need to make that brand sound good enough for you to spend your hard-earned bucks.

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