Make Blotting Papers Your Friend

“I love my super-slick, greasy, oily skin that makes my makeup slide right off,” no one has ever said. Although it’s tempting to touch up those oily spots with your powder compact, it’s never a good idea. For starters, your puff or sponge will absorb the oil and trap it, which makes that puff or sponge a breeding ground for bacteria. Skin naturally produces oil, but if you find yourself a bit more oily, invest in some blotting papers. These extremely thin, square-shaped, lightweight miracles live in all of my purses and makeup cases.

In my opinion, the best papers are ones that absorb oil without leaving a powdery coating on my skin. I prefer the Sephora brand, along with Mary Kay (these are larger than the average papers), Boscia, and in a pinch, the Walgreens brand works too! Higher end cosmetic brand Shiseido makes a blotting paper that absorbs sweat along with oil, and that is definitely a win-win situation.

Even though the summer is coming to an end, and many of us equate sweaty, oily skin with heat, blotting papers are a good idea year round.

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