Spring Cleaning

Last night, I spent some time cleaning out my kit to prepare for some upcoming jobs. Since I had some energy, I started tossing old or rarely used cosmetics from my personal makeup stash and wondered to myself, “When did I even BUY all of this?” When you love makeup and beauty products, it’s easy, (almost too easy thanks to online shopping), to accumulate a vast amount of products. As much as I love my products, I value cleanliness and safety, so some things had to go.

Unless they are working every day as a makeup artist, most people don’t use all of the cosmetics they purchase. With companies like Sephora, Ulta, and MAC offering rewards programs for customers, the availability and easy accessibility to cosmetics makes it harder than ever to stop buying. As a result, people have literally transformed bathrooms, bedrooms, and nooks into home makeup salons.

Spring cleaning for me means paring down products to the ones I value the most and saying goodbye to those I’ve let sit around for too long. Spend money the way you choose, but when it comes to the world of cosmetics, it’s best to slow down, purchase what you need, and replace when necessary. I’ll admit that it’s hard to let go of cosmetics that you love, especially when you start adding up how much money you may have spent, but safe, clean products are better than “losing” some money over items that may cause a breakout or an infection.

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Making Moves With Makeup

There things I can do as an MUA and there are things I really need to learn for the next phase of my career. As one who’s spent the bulk of her adult life as an educator, it’s only fitting that I enroll in classes to educate myself. Most makeup artists will tell you that they are self-taught, and honestly, you can’t learn this craft without tons of practice. There are some things we can’t teach ourselves, and that’s when it’s time to become a student again.

Make Up First Pic

After taking a tour of Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry, I decided that I should proceed with some coursework that will make me an even better, more marketable MUA. It’s my goal and dream (a part of my new vision) to work full-time in the film industry as an MUA but I am realistic about my skill-set. I know “pretty” and “natural” but I’m no expert at special effects, theatrical and other types of makeup that will propel my career to the next level. Education is key. I’m making moves with makeup. What moves are you making?

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New Vision

Vision Board

I literally have “new vision” since updating my eye-glass prescription recently, but my “inner vision” took a hit a few months ago. I really needed to get back to my old self, the woman who had mapped out a plan for becoming a full-time MUA in the film industry.

Now, I’m working on my new vision board because I realized that I had not spent enough time creating the visual that will help me in the next phase of my career. Seeing really is believing, and although we have to look within ourselves to find inspiration, finding pictures and words that give us a boost of confidence helps to make the dream a reality.  Spending quality time pouring over hundreds of images in the many magazines I own helped me start focusing on what I really want, and also making myself accountable for, well, myself. I’d allowed myself to veer off the path but I won’t ever do that again. It is really self-sabotage when we find reasons for why we aren’t doing what we love. We all deserve better. I know I do, and so that’s why, on this sunny afternoon, I am choosing to put in some work, to use my “vision” and start “seeing” my dreams manifest. I have some other things in the works (I can’t tell you yet), that I’ve already started putting in place to catapult myself to the next stage in my career.

One thing I want for myself is the autonomy to create, and the autonomy that comes with being the one who gets to call the shots, aka “Boss Lady.”  It took a lot of soul searching, mishaps, setbacks, and fear to understand that I’m happiest when I’m doing what I love. When “it” doesn’t feel like work, “it” is the right career for you! It’s time to grab my scissors and glue and get back to creating my “new vision.”

Until next time,