Making Moves With Makeup

There things I can do as an MUA and there are things I really need to learn for the next phase of my career. As one who’s spent the bulk of her adult life as an educator, it’s only fitting that I enroll in classes to educate myself. Most makeup artists will tell you that they are self-taught, and honestly, you can’t learn this craft without tons of practice. There are some things we can’t teach ourselves, and that’s when it’s time to become a student again.

Make Up First Pic

After taking a tour of Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry, I decided that I should proceed with some coursework that will make me an even better, more marketable MUA. It’s my goal and dream (a part of my new vision) to work full-time in the film industry as an MUA but I am realistic about my skill-set. I know “pretty” and “natural” but I’m no expert at special effects, theatrical and other types of makeup that will propel my career to the next level. Education is key. I’m making moves with makeup. What moves are you making?

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