Spring Cleaning

Last night, I spent some time cleaning out my kit to prepare for some upcoming jobs. Since I had some energy, I started tossing old or rarely used cosmetics from my personal makeup stash and wondered to myself, “When did I even BUY all of this?” When you love makeup and beauty products, it’s easy, (almost too easy thanks to online shopping), to accumulate a vast amount of products. As much as I love my products, I value cleanliness and safety, so some things had to go.

Unless they are working every day as a makeup artist, most people don’t use all of the cosmetics they purchase. With companies like Sephora, Ulta, and MAC offering rewards programs for customers, the availability and easy accessibility to cosmetics makes it harder than ever to stop buying. As a result, people have literally transformed bathrooms, bedrooms, and nooks into home makeup salons.

Spring cleaning for me means paring down products to the ones I value the most and saying goodbye to those I’ve let sit around for too long. Spend money the way you choose, but when it comes to the world of cosmetics, it’s best to slow down, purchase what you need, and replace when necessary. I’ll admit that it’s hard to let go of cosmetics that you love, especially when you start adding up how much money you may have spent, but safe, clean products are better than “losing” some money over items that may cause a breakout or an infection.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Thanks,Tiffany…you’re giving me the push that I need–to clear out some things that needed to be tossed a long time ago. ________________________________

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