Helping Hands (Product)

I “speak” with my hands and I create with them too. Sadly, my dry hands do not always look their best when they are on display, and that’s where    Lush Helping Hands Hand Lotion comes in to save my hands from looking like they’ve been intimate with flour! This creamy lotion is vegetarian, contains chamomile water, almond oil, shea butter, and other essential oils that are perfect for my thirsty skin.  A little goes a long way and lately, my skin has been thanking me. Like many people, I have eczema, so I have to be really careful about the products I introduce to my skin. I’m happy to say that this product works well for me and will stay in rotation (shoutout to my amazing hubby who bought me a trove of Lush products recently)! As the saying goes, “We all need a helping hand.”  

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